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Maintenance Committee

Dr. JUBAILIYA P Principal Chairperson 6238162679
MUNEERA P K Associate Professor HoD, Research Department of Arabic 9744232062
K.P SAHAD Associate Professor HoD, Department of English 9846643828
MUHAMMED JAMSHEER. P Assistant Professor HoD, Department of Economics 9037142640
Dr. SHAKEEB KT Assistant Professor IQAC Coordinator +919744368789
SAREENA K.T Librarian Member 9562151887
RASEENA T Assistant Professor In-Charge, Ladies Room 8089842518
IHJAS T.P Office Attendant In Charge, Garden and Plants 9496583121
Dr. MISHAL SALEM Assistant Professor In-Charge, Seminar Hall and Hues Hub 9961532304
AYISHA A.P Ladies Hostel Warden 9895354500
Dr. MUHAMMED SHERIF. K. Assistant Professor In-Charge, Informatic Centre, General and Academic Store 9847791760
Dr. JAFAR M Assistant Professor In-Charge, Yoga and Fitness Centre, and Play Ground 9400821293
Dr. ABDUNNASSAR THALEKUNNATH Assistant Professor In-Charge, Auditorium 8907257306
MUHAMMAD T.P Head Accountant 9847815052