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Maintenance Committee

Dr. JUBAILIYA P Principal Chairperson 6238162679
MUNEERA P K Associate Professor HoD, Research Department of Arabic 9744232062
K.P SAHAD Associate Professor HoD, Department of English 9846643828
ARIFA BINCY. VP Guest Lecturer HoD, Department of Economics 8129887737
Dr. SHAKEEB KT Assistant Professor IQAC Coordinator +919744368789
SAREENA K.T Librarian Member 9562151887
RASEENA T Assistant Professor In-Charge, Ladies Room 8089842518
IHJAS T.P Office Attendant In Charge, Garden and Plants 9496583121
Dr. MISHAL SALEM Lecturer In-Charge, Seminar Hall and Hues Hub 9961532304
JASEENA Ladies Hostel Warden 8606682739
Dr. MUHAMMED SHERIF. K. Lecturer In-Charge, Informatic Centre, General and Academic Store 9847791760
Dr. JAFAR M Assistant Professor In-Charge, Yoga and Fitness Centre, and Play Ground 9400821293
Dr. ABDUNNASSAR THALEKUNNATH Assistant Professor In-Charge, Auditorium 8907257306
MUHAMMAD T.P Head Accountant 9847815052