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The Founder

T.P. Ayamu Haji (Rahimahullah) 

T.P Ayamu Haji (Rahimahullah); an educationist and social reformer organized a social reformative movement; Anvarul Islam Sangham in Mongam, to resist social evils and superstitions and to promote social upliftment, and thus to free our women folk from the social ignorance. As his effort for social integration, he established the college under the wings of Mongam Anvarul Islam Sangham in 1968 for women’s upliftment and empowerment through moral and secular awareness programme. In 1970 the college was shifted to Ayamu Haji’s Waqf land in later the institution was under taken by the Kerala Jam-iyyathul Ulama (Regd.); a social and reformative movement which involved in the educational scenario of the Muslim community. By completing vibrant five decades in the history of the college it has become a leading educational institution; imparting higher education to the girl students’ especially backward and minority community all over the country.