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Internal Evaluation

Internal Assessment 20% of the total marks in each course are for internal examinations. The marks secured for internal assessment only need to be sent to University by the colleges concerned. The internal assessment shall be based on a predetermined transparent system involving written tests, Class room participation based on attendance in respect of theory courses and lab involvement/records attendance in respect of Practical Courses. Internal assessment of the project will be based on its content, method of presentation, final conclusion and orientation to research aptitude. Components with percentage of marks of Internal Evaluation of Theory Courses are-Test paper 40%, Assignment 20%, Seminar 20% and Class room participation based on attendance 20%. For practical courses - Record 60% and lab involvement 40% as far as internal is concerned. (if a fraction appears in internal marks, nearest whole number is to be taken). For the test paper marks, at least one test paper should be conducted. If more test papers are conducted, the mark of the best one should be taken. To ensure transparency of the evaluation process, the internal assessment marks awarded to the students in each course in a semester shall be notified on the notice board at least one week before the commencement of external examination. There shall not be any chance for improvement for internal marks. The course teacher(s) shall maintain the academic record of each student registered for the course, which shall be forwarded to the University by the college Principal after obtaining the signature of both course teacher and Head of the Department. The Split up of marks for Test paper and Class Room Participation (CRP) for internal evaluation of Integrated Programmes