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Every college is responsible for showcasing it's students' talents and qualities; not just between the four walls of a classroom, but throughout and outside the college as well. Co-curriculum is a major part of college and should be explored and appreciated at all levels. Spreading awareness and encouraging creativity and innovation outside your core syllabus is a vital part of a college student's life. Hues Hub is a unique experience for our college. It aids us to evince the innate traits and calibre of our students.

Hues Hub is a hall that has a dimensionof 7.4 x 8.6 comprised of GLEE (Art and Cultural) Club, Sports & Games section, Algebra Intellectual Hub, Psithurisma craft club, Bibliosmia writers’ forum and Language Clubs. These four sections embellish the Art Gallery with blasts of erudition and euphoria. The Sports and Games corner consists of sports equipments such as basket balls, shuttle bat and cocks, chess boards, carrom boards etc.

The Art and Cultural Club entitled 'Glee Club' exhibits students' flair towards art. The wall is entranced with students' paintings, mandala works, doodles and modern arts. It ensures "Glee" in the minds of visitors. Language Club corner comprises of the Arabic Club and The Brio English Club. The walls are adorned with Modern Arabic Calligraphies , Spin wheel and facts and memesabout the English Language. Algebra Intellectual Hub corner offers aesthetic pleasure to the visitors.

Algebra organized by a brilliant team of advisor, student coordinators , Bibliosmia writer's forum , Psithurism craft club , Algebra reporters etc. Algebra corner enchanted with meaningful quotes, cd art and also an area to mention the comments. The Art Gallery is adorned with Indian Architectural Exhibition made by our students. The ingenious artistic endeavour of students in constructing models of monuments like Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Char Minar, Qutub Minar, Indian Parliament, Red Fort, India Gate, Gol Gumpaz etc has captured the attention of many visitors.  

"Give something Ambitious; Take something Delicious"

"Give something Ambitious; Take something Delicious" is one of the most striking programmes we have set up in the Art Gallery - A stage inside the Art Gallery open to all staffs and students to display their skills and abilities. The hall is imbued with stentorious speeches and melodious songs.


Hues Hub - Activities & Report


Dr. Mishal Salem Advisor Assistant Professor