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The Parent Teacher Association in the college is a statutorily constituted elected body which aims at the overall development of the college. The parental co-operation in creating a healthy campus atmosphere is the utmost importance. The PTA aspires for co-operation and participation of parents in full measure, in the wholesome activities of the college.The PTA has been focusing on the growth and development of the college since its inception. The body collects only a moderate amount as donation from the parents which is utilized in the college for the welfare of students. Generally, the PTA is providing all essential amenities/ infrastructures and their maintenance. It also supports the financially poor and backward students. Free lunch to needy students is an important activity of the PTA. Encouraging sports activities too is put to its priority. 

Parents Teachers Association Commitiee
President         : Dr Jubailiya P
Vice President : Abbas Parambadan
Secretary         : Sahad Kadavath Peedikayil
Treasurer         : Muneera P.K
Members         : Raseena T
                        : Dr. Shakeeb K T 
                        : Dr. Abdunnassar Thalekunnath
                        : Dr. Abdurrazak Pookkottur 
                        : Khalid Aluva
                        : Sajida M
                        : Aneesa C


Dr. Jubailiya P President Principal
Abbas Parambadan Vice President
Sahad Kadavath Peedikayil Secretary HoD of English Department
Muneera P. K Treasurer Associate Professor