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Department of English

The department of English came into existence when added English in the syllabus of Afzal ul Ulama in 1992. At the beginning the Department catered to the needs of the degree students who took up English as Second/Commoncourse of study in Degree level.The faculty has been renowned for its activities in the area of comparative literature and linguistics.

Department Vision
The Department of English envisages to empower the students by stimulating and developing their imagination and critical thinking through teaching and research and to transform them morally and ethically responsible citizens of the society. It aims to promote minority applicants with and education of highest quality through various programmes in English language in creative and critical thinking and to enable them to progress expeditiously to achieve their degrees and avail maximum benefits from their learning experience.

Department Mission
To enable the students to acquire communicative competence so that they make quality use of language as a means of creating conducive human environment imbued with vibrant interpersonal bonding, common understanding leading to global harmony.

  • To develop reading skills to examine literature from multiple eras, cultures and genres with critical understanding to bring out the ability to express themselves clear name and comprehensively.
  • To nurture research skills which would enable the students to expand from a variety of perspectives to enhance appreciation and critical evaluation of English language and literature.
  • To train the students to identify the linguistic structures of poetic texts: symbols, metaphors, and other tropes and equip them in poetic conventions
  • To recognize diverse points of view within a single text and to understand the rationale of polyphony
  • To impart English communication skills to the students and equip them with manners, etiquettes and soft-skills.
  • To enable the students to use English language as a tool for employment and physical prosperity.