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Brio English Club

The BRIO English Club was launched in the college on 03rd June 2017 as a platform for writers, poets and artists across the culture and language to celebrate creativity, beauty and harmony in all forms and expressions. With digitization and smart machines invading our lives and consciousnesses, the need to bring back the arts and literature to the front of our life and culture grows ever stronger.


Sahad Kadavath Peedikayil Advisor Club Coordinator
Hamida Abdullah President
Muhsina Faris Vice President
Fathima Zakiya Secretary
Alhena H Joint Secretary
Ayishath Nihala O K Joint Secretary
Saniya Sherin K M In-Charge, Club Library
Safna Sherin C In-Charge, Club Library
Ajina. H In-Charge, Club Library
Jabeera In-Charge, Notice Board
Shabana K.V In-Charge, Notice Board
Hanaa Muhamed Niyas In-Charge, Notice Board
Nitha Zain U In-Charge, Notice Board
Fathima Adeeba Treasurer
Fathima Ajmal Hussain Treasurer
Fathima Harsha. P. A External Affairs Management
Amna Fathima K. A External Affairs Management
Shadhiya V.M External Affairs Management
Naja Aslam External Affairs Management
Aaliya K.R Executive Member
Asna Fathima A Executive Member
Nihala Jasmin C. P Executive Member