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Vision & Mission


To achieve excellence by adopting holistic approaches and mould an egalitarian society through women’s education and empowerment irrespective of caste, breed and creed, to dedicate opportunities for academic, professional, and lifelong learning in an environment of compassion and inclusivity
  • To nurture noble values of social life, compassion, tolerance and patriotism fostering national integration and contributing towards nation building.
  • To prepare the girls students for life skills management and comprehensive knowledge acquisition which leads them to the social empowered.
  • To sensitise the leaners and community about issues of gender exploitation, social equity and prompt affirmative action.
  • To prompt students for acquiring career skills so that the learners will land in enticing career and job opportunities reinforcing their financial and social stability.
  • To give insight, experience and expertise to students for enhancing their talents to become global leaders.


  • Imparting holistic and man-making education with emphasis on character moulding and imbibing moral and ethical values.
  • Offering courses and implementing the curriculum which would transform students into valuable and skilled human resources.
  • Constantly updating academic and management practices to enhance quality improvement in all spheres.
  • Extending comprehensive services to students to participate themselves in the formation of curriculum relevant to the student community and the society at large.
  • Taking remedial steps to make education affordable and accessible by awarding scholarships to needy, meritorious and financially backward students.
  • Moulding teachers to become role models for students, enabling them to dedicate for nation building