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Alsinathu Dwad Arabic Club

The Arabic Club of Anvarul Islam Women's Arabic College has established with the name "Alsinathu Dwad" since 29th June 2021. Dividing into four groups, each group is assigned with works and activities by the club President and  committee of leaders. "Alsinathu Dwad" aims to promote awareness about the history, traditions, and customs of the Arabic language and the Arab world. The club supports the exchange of cultural ideas, traditions, and collaborates with other clubs in the campus too.

The four main groups of the club and its works are :

1. Zaahiyaath : Creating online/offline posters on special days to circulate among the students 

2. Awzaan : Evening talks on designated topics 

3. Muthaharrikaath : Teach a word a day through posters online/offline 

4. Mumthahinaath : Conducts programs and competitions to help students improve their Arabic language


Dr. Muhammed Sherif. K Advisor Lecturer
Mahboobah .K President
Shadiya Ashraf Vice President
Shaheema CM Secretary
Aaziya KA Zaahiyaath Leader
Afna Rinu M Muthaharrikaath Leader
Anshitha P Awzaan Leader
Suha C Mumthahinaath Leader