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INNSAEI Students gallery

"Creativity is simply connecting dots in new ways."

The Algebra Intellectual Hub is the backbone of the college, they not only provide support in their peers' times of need but also evince their thoughts.

Innsæi Students' Gallery is a heartbeat within the students. It is an emasculate corner where they can showcase and commemorate their calibre and brilliance. Literally an open space for students to share their Intuitive thoughts and ideas about anything and everything. Students' Gallery is an area gratified with students' innate attributes and novel intentions.

The corner is adorned with different art forms like pin art, word art, sand art and it aids to manifest the students attentiveness and flair towards art. The wall actuates the pupils to nurture their ideas, contemplations and also bedecks with students' awakening quotations and locutions .

Students have furbished the drabbed wall of the college into a gaudy and garished one with their arresting ideas. The unique walls unveil 'The Sea Within' ...the students.


Activities & Reports


Dr. Mishal Salem Advisor Lecturer
Faleelathul Hakkima President
Sana Shirin Secretary
Asnifal Hudha. K Member
Muhsina Faris Member
Sahada P Member
Fathimathul Haniyya Member
Jaseela E.P Member