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College Council

  • The college council is an advisory body on all internal and academic affairs of the college which consists of the principal, the heads of all departments, two persons elected from the staff members, librarian of central library and a ministerial head of Administrative Staff of the college office.
  • The Principal is the ex-officio president of the council which invested with powers to take decisions on all academic, disciplinary and other matters pertaining to the smooth functioning of the institution.
  • The Principal or in his absence, the Vice Principal shall take the Chair at all meeting of the Council. Not less than majority of the members shall form the quorum and all issues shall be decided by a majority of the votes of members present. If the votes including the vote of the chairman are equally divided, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Principal may over rule the decision of the College Council, but in such case, he shall make a report to the Director of Collegiate Education setting forth the reason for doing so.
  • General administrative work of the College may be distributed by the Principal among the members of Council to be done under the general supervision of the Principal e.g. Library, Athletics, Maintenance of Building and the ground etc.
  • The Council is empowered to consider and report of any question concerning accommodation, course of instruction, or rules of discipline referred to it by the Principal but is
  • Shall not interface in any manner with the general administration of the college which is vested in the Principal acting under the orders of the Director of Collegiate Education.
  • All cases of serious misconduct on the part of students involving loss of their term certificates or their removal or expulsion from the College shall be dealt with by the Principal, ordinarily in consultation with the College Council.
  • Meeting of the Council shall be convened at such time as the Principal may consider necessary. He shall also convene a meeting when required to do so by the Director of collegiate Education or on the written requisition of not less than two third of the members.
  • The Budget shall be framed by the Principal in consultation with the members of the Council and forward to the Director of Collegiate Education.
  • The chairman shall be the sole judge of any point of order. He may call any member to order and shall have power to take any action as may be necessary to enforce his decision. The decision of the council in this matter shall be final and binding.
College Council Members
President  : Dr. JUBAILIYA. P
Members  : MUNEERA P.K
                   MUHAMMED JAMSHEER. P
                   RASEENA T

                   MUHAMMAD T.P
                   SAREENA K.T


Dr Jubailiya .P President Principal
Sahad Kadavath Peedikayil Secretary HoD of English Department